Clarksville Theological College & Seminary

"Preparing His Servants To Serve"

Heavenly Investments

How would you like to make investments in something that will not lose its value?

In the modern world of today, investments are vulnerable to loss, thief, rot and decay.   When you invest in eternal things they never lose their value and cannot be stolen or decay.

They are treasures laid up for eternity, heavenly rewards.

Imagine investing financially in the Student Fund (a fund that assists students with their tuition payments).   The dividends and return on your investments may never be seen by you, while here on Earth, but the fruit of the labors of the students that you invested in, will bear heavenly rewards towards your account.

For example:
A Clarksville Student that has surrendered to the Mission Field, has required assistance with their school tuition finances.   You have given to the Student Fund and some of those funds have been allocated to this student's college bill.   He graduates from Clarksville, raises his needed financial support through deputation and has arrived on the Mission Field.

Every person that he is used by God, to lead in a saving knowledge of Christ is also added to your account in Heaven.   Every church that is established and saints that are edified are added to your account.    Heavenly Investments, Investing in Eternity!

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