Clarksville Theological College & Seminary

"Preparing His Servants To Serve"

Department of Religious Education

Has God placed within you, the desire to assist in the educating of the next generation in academics, which are centered on the Lord Jesus Christ?

Do you desire to serve the Lord in a Christian academic environment, whose perspective on curriculum is the Word of God?

Are you seeking a place to prepare for the Lord's service?

The Department of Religious Education instructs men and women who have a desire and a passion to be used of God. If you have been serving the Lord for years and desire to go back to school or if you are newly surrendered and are seeking a place to prepare for the work that the Lord has called you to; explore the programs of study at Clarksville's Department of Religious Education.

Clarksville's Department of Religious Education will prepare students with:

Through the Clarksville Degree Programs, of the Department of Religious Education, the student will receive the instruction and training needed to be used of God in the areas of Christian School Teacher, Christian School Administrator, School Faculty and Staff Member, Missions, as well as for Christians that desire a deeper understanding of the Word of God and the ability to serve in the educational areas of the local church.

Degree Programs offered by the Department of Religious Education:

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