Clarksville Theological College & Seminary

"Preparing His Servants To Serve"


Admission Requirements and Procedures

Requirements for Admission

The high academic standards and Christian faith and service at Clarksville Theological Seminary requires a review and evaluation of each applicant.  To be considered for admission at Clarksville Theological Seminary, the enrollment packet must be completed in its entirety and should include a completed application form, letters of recommendation, a personal testimony of the student's salvation, official academic transcripts of all schools attended and payment of the $50.00 application fee.   No person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity of the school because of race, color, sex, or national origin.   However, only persons who have a testimony of biblical salvation and have a sincere desire to serve Christ are eligible for admission.

When To Apply

A prospective student to Clarksville Theological Seminary may apply anytime. There is no application deadline date, but we encourage all applicants to apply early to reserve your space.   For applicants that are still attending high school, we recommend submission of your application to the Admissions Office during your junior year or early in your senior year of high school.   Once an application is received, it will be processed as soon as possible.   No reservation is final until the prospective student completes all forms and receives an official letter of acceptance.

International Students

International students must follow the requirements for admission listed above.

Extended Studies Admissions Request:

In addition to the standard requirements for admission; International Students applying for the Extended Studies off-campus program should contact the Clarksville Director of Admissions to discuss logistical shipment of course materials and the financial arrangements that are available.

Insurance Requirements

Clarksville strongly urges every on-campus student to be covered by some type of health insurance. Those who do not have health insurance must sign a waiver which releases the College & Seminary of any liability.

All on-campus students with automobiles are required to provide proof of automobile insurance along with the proof of automobile registration and a valid driver's license.